iOS Stats insights from Hanson Developed Apps as of April 2013

iOS Stats: Insights from Hanson-Developed Apps

Apple is known for keeping mum about new products in development and user stats. That's why there's a whole industry on the web devoted to rumors about what Apple has in the pipeline. And it's certainly their prerogative as a business strategy. But the downside is that it offers developers little insight into app usage, operating system versions, or even the devices used.
4 Questions for Planning a Mobile Site

4 Questions for Planning a Mobile Site

Back in January, I wrote about how a bad mobile experience leads to a bad brand experience. I urged you, if you hadn’t already, to make 2013 the year your business goes mobile. If you've taken that resolution to heart, you might be wondering: how do I get there? Here are four questions to ask yourself when planning a mobile site.
You Are Here Toledo mobile app

You Are Here Project Featured in HOW Magazine

This week, we’re giving a well-deserved shout-out to our local AIGA chapter and Hanson's mobile app development team. Last summer, Hanson designed a mobile app and website to support the AIGA Toledo and The Arts Commission public arts project known as “You Are Here Toledo.” Inspired by the familiar “you are here” dot on directories, the project was an installation throughout the city of 100 large, outdoor dots by area artists highlighting Toledo’s landmarks.