New Mentoring Program Propels Toledo Youth To Success

It’s community spotlight time at the Treehouse again. Regular readers know that Hanson is in Maumee, Ohio, part of the greater Toledo area. And some really amazing friends of ours are starting up a non-profit to mentor high school students from immigrant and minority families in Toledo.

The idea behind PROPEL, the new mentoring program, is that discrimination and economic challenges can set kids on a negative trajectory. Often, they don’t know to ask for career or personal advice—or who to ask—until they’re well into their adult years. So PROPEL’s remedy is to pair high school students with business and community leaders who will mentor them now while they’re making crucial decisions about their future.

We were privileged to assist in PROPEL’s startup by designing their website (a responsive site that adapts to all devices, with some cool display functionality that appeals to young audiences). Now we’re encouraging our fellow members of the Toledo business community to check out the new organization and see if it’s something you can support. You might refer a young person or consider applying to become a mentor. The program is just getting started and they’d love to hear from you.

So to Deena and all our friends at PROPEL, thank you for your dedication. We’re proud to partner with people like you who are making Toledo a great place to live and work.