Partnering with Delta Faucet and Monetate

Partnering. We’ve talked in this space before about how partnering with our clients to solve complex business problems is the backbone of what we do.

And partnering with our clients means proactively partnering with their other partners, too (pardon all the p’s!). We completely agree with a piece PR master Gini Dietrich recently wrote about six things to consider when choosing a digital agency, one of which is the agency’s ability to collaborate with all of a client’s partner firms (ie., “plays well with others”).

So it was pretty cool to see a new customer story at Monetate last week, talking about the success of the Delta Faucet Company / Monetate / Hanson triple partnership. Heck, even the story itself is the result of good partnering, since Fred Barendt, Director of Interactive Marketing at Delta Faucet, and Leslie Mohn, Hanson’s Director of User Experience Architecture, both contributed to Monetate’s case study.

“Delta Faucet: Measuring Success Beyond Conversion Rates” looks at how Delta is using specialized testing to develop a highly personalized user experience. Check out the piece to learn more about how Delta is innovating online with the help of some incredible tools from Monetate.

Great work, partners!