visual representation of the design systems concept as the cure for responsively-challenged sites

Design Systems: The Cure for the Responsively-Challenged Site

In my previous post, I reviewed some of the characteristics of responsively-challenged sites. I ended with this mantra: To move forward, we have to discard the idea of web pages and instead create design systems. Tomorrow’s web will be designed and built from collections of content modules, each optimized to provide the best experience for each type of viewing device. Today I’ll outline a new responsive process that we’re using at Hanson to create a better end product with fewer wasted steps.
Internet Explorer meets Darth Vader

The Internet Explorer Saga

I’m sometimes asked, “Dave, why do web developers hate Internet Explorer?” It’s true that IE is sometimes the bane of our existence, and always the butt of our jokes. But the history of Microsoft’s browser is a Darth Vader-esque tale of hope, betrayal, and redemption.
Adobe Generator

Adobe Generator: Best Thing Since Sliced GIFs

We don’t usually discuss specific products on the blog, but a new feature of Adobe Photoshop CC called Generator has our team talking. Starting with version 14.1, Photoshop allows developers to directly export layers as graphic assets without having to slice, hide, nudge, copy or paste.
Jason Follas talks about HTML5 Canvas Element

Toledo Web Professionals Explore the HTML5 Canvas Element

On March 13, Hanson was proud to host this month’s meeting of the Toledo Web Professionals. Forty-plus designers, developers and other creative professionals from the Toledo area crowded into our purple conference room to hear Jason Follas of Perficient, Inc. speak about designing interactive applications and games with the HTML5 canvas element.

Infographic: 4 Types of Redesigns

When you think of a website redesign, what comes to mind? Is it a new look and feel only? Does it include updated functionality? What about backend updates? Where is the line between updating a site and starting over with a new one? Everyone seems to have their own definition.