Ben Morale's photograph at Exploring an Empty TMA.

Exploring an Empty TMA

Late last year, Visual Designer Ben Morales was among a handful of the region's top mobile photographers to be invited to participate in The Toledo Museum of Art’s Exploring an #emptyTMA event, an opportunity to explore this world-class museum on a day that it was closed to the public. All of us at Hanson thought this was pretty cool because not only is the museum one of our client partners, but Ben is a very talented photographer. I recently talked to Ben about what he got out of this exclusive experience.

6 Tips for Better Mobile Video

With the holidays upon us, there are plenty of opportunities for mom and dad to bust out their new tablet, phone or other mobile tech to capture the sights and sounds of the season. Although today’s devices make it easy to capture video, there’s no guarantee of “good” video. So here are some simple tips to transform you into the Spielberg of your family...
Coming Clean on the Creative Process: Some Unproductive Habits are Anything But

Coming Clean on the Creative Process

Some “unproductive” habits might be anything but. I have a habit of standing too long in the shower. Done washing, just standing there, zoned out. Mind blank. Accomplishing nothing. Not only am I wasting water, I’m making myself late for work. It’s a bad habit. Or is it? Turns out, it’s just one of the quirky (and seemingly unproductive) habits that might actually help my performance at work...