LinkedIn Updates You Should Know About

As a marketer, you may or may not be aware of all of the ways to take advantage of LinkedIn to further your business. Like every social platform, LinkedIn is constantly updating its features to provide more opportunities for users and to compete with other players in the social landscape. Here’s a breakdown of the latest LinkedIn updates you should know about in order to stay ahead of the professional networking game.

Multiple Photos

Similar to other dominant social sharing platforms Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn has added the ability to include multiple photos in one post.


This new feature presents a perfect opportunity for your business to share multiple photos from a conference or company event in order to further recruiting efforts. In addition, you could share a series of slides from a recent presentation to educate your industry about a particular topic.

Active Status Messaging

To further the online conversation between hiring managers and job seekers alike, LinkedIn introduced ‘active status’ —the ability to see who in a user’s network is online and available on LinkedIn at any given moment. A green status dot appears next to your profile photo if you are online, and another user can message you directly via LinkedIn’s Messaging platform. This provides the opportunity for professionals to further engage one another to advance a conversation or for brands and potential recruits to have live chats about job opportunities.

active status

Native Video

The latest social platform to jump into video marketing, LinkedIn has added the ability to record and post videos directly from the LinkedIn app. Videos can be up to ten minutes long, and an added benefit to marketers includes access to video analytics, including which companies video viewers work for and their prospective job titles, which allows you to see exactly who you are reaching. This new offering also provides potential opportunities for advertisers, who may get access to pre-and mid-roll advertising in the future.

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