LTO video storage

The LTO Revolution for Video Storage

So you're a video professional. You've been in the biz for a while now when suddenly you realize your source media, motion graphics, compressions and dailies have eaten up your multi-terabyte drive. What to do?

6 Tips for Better Mobile Video

With the holidays upon us, there are plenty of opportunities for mom and dad to bust out their new tablet, phone or other mobile tech to capture the sights and sounds of the season. Although today’s devices make it easy to capture video, there’s no guarantee of “good” video. So here are some simple tips to transform you into the Spielberg of your family...
on the set of a Hanson video shoot

5 Things Your Video Editor Wants You to Know

When I entered this field 20 years ago, video editing employed a “destructive” process. There was no “undo” button. Once you made a cut, it was final. Today, digital editing has given us incredible flexibility to do, undo and redo. But you can’t always “fix it in post,” as they say. And even when you can, it’s likely to cost more than doing it right in the first place...