Why We’re Excited to be Back in Downtown Toledo

In case you missed it, we’ve recently relocated our headquarters to downtown Toledo, and we couldn’t be more excited about the city we’re calling home. Here’s why.

When asked, many Hansonites reported that they’re most excited about being a part of the growing energy downtown. “We are in the middle of the downtown buzz,” said Senior Onsite Specialist Paul Molnar—or as Steve Hanson, our fearless leader, put it: “We’re a part of the rejuvenation!” Account Coordinator Jordan Rees agreed, saying, “If you have come down here on the weekend for things over the years, you can see how the number of people spending time down here keeps multiplying. You can feel the energy.”

Account Director Mike Hirsh cites “having better access to after-work events with co-workers” as something he’s most looking forward to. And for those of us that live nearby, such as Visual Designer Scott Deca, being downtown means riding your bike to work!

“Restaurants within walking distance” is another reason Hansonites such as Joe Holub, Solutions Architect, are excited about being downtown. Most of us have been taking advantage of our lunch hour to try hyper-local hot spots. We’ve already formed some in-house favorites, including Focaccias, Lazeez, Triple A Cafe, and of course, the Thursday food trucks. “We’ve been here 2 weeks and I’ve eaten at a different place every day!” said IT Manager Aaron Essig.

Our more centralized location has allowed Hansonites to take advantage of Toledo institutions around the area, such as the wide variety of downtown coffee shops, the Toledo Museum of Art, and Imagination Station. Not to mention the closer access to after-work activities such as the Art Loop and Mud Hens games. “I’m really looking forward to Walleye Hockey!” said Video Producer Krysta Adamczyk.

Downtown Toledo also paves the way for future opportunities for fellow Hansonites to get further involved. “I hope to participate more with AIGA Toledo and other art events. I’m also interested in community and social empowering events,” said Becca Maag, Visual Designer. Senior Account Manager Amy Frye, a passionate member of community theatre, said, ”I love that the Valentine and the Toledo Rep are downtown and I would love to be involved in that.”

But perhaps what’s most exciting is the thrill of helping to shape this thriving community. “I read the entire Downtown Toledo Master Plan over the weekend and I’m excited about the possibilities and the future of downtown,” said Dave Rodriguez, Director of Front-End Development.

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