What We Know Now: Zak Jasinski

As we continue to carry out our core value to “stay curious,” we’ve been interviewing fellow Hansonites to learn about what drives them. We’ve recently talked to Director of Content Strategy Mindy Withrow, Project Manager Kelly Sullivan, and Director of Photography John Rerucha. Today, we’re continuing this series by talking to Zak Jasinski, Market Development Manager.

Sally: So tell us a little bit about your background. You started out at Hanson as an intern, then worked as an account manager, and now you manage market development for our Columbus office. How did you get here?

Zak: I have to credit the people around me for getting me to where I am today. I’ve been very fortunate to learn from a diverse set of people in the business; those include current and former colleagues and outside advisors who bring a wealth of knowledge to different areas of storytelling, technology, and content distribution. From starting out as an intern in strategy to managing brands on a day-to-day basis, I have a desire to help businesses and people to tell a unique narrative. Today, I’m proud to play matchmaker as I look to help find long-term relationships that will mutually benefit both the customer and agency.

Sally: How would you describe your role?

Zak: My role is based around cultivating new relationships with brands that are itching for fresh creative perspective. As a market development team, we use our strategic domain knowledge to focus on acquiring brands within building products, healthcare, and direct selling spaces, along with other industries. On a day-to-day basis that translates to lots of phone calls and meetings. I’m also integrated into the local Columbus networking scene supporting a new group called 614Digital that we helped spearhead. It’s really exciting.  

Sally: What excites you about being centered in Columbus?

Zak: Like Toledo, Columbus is a vibrant marketplace. I like to call it a mini Chicago with some very unique traits such as being the third largest retail hub in the U.S. Because the city is so progressive, we have great opportunity to build and evolve as an agency. I’m often times listening and watching other agencies and brands and bringing back key learnings to our team. Columbus is not a city to overlook; it’s something you want to be a part of, and we’re excited to continue providing value in the area.

Sally: What’s something that surprised you when you first started working in market development?

Zak: I’d say what surprised me was realizing the amount of opportunity in the marketplace. It’s truly a big “ocean” out there. If you’re willing to go after it, there can be a great reward for everyone involved.

Sally: Is there anything you know now that you wish you’d known at the start of your career?

Zak: Simplicity is the key to everything!

Sally: So what kind of advice would you give to someone going into this field?

Zak: Be curious, stay the course, and bring genuine value to every person you encounter. I believe that a strong new business individual never gives up.  

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