SlideShare: What is Responsive Design?

Think about how you typically consume information on the internet. PC? Tablet? Smartphone? TV?

Internet consumption is an essential part of our everyday life. But the devices we use to consume this content are multiplying and changing at a rapid pace. And these devices differ in screen size, resolution, and interface, to mention just a few variations. To give users access to this content via a variety of devices, we have to start making websites more flexible or responsive. By changing how we think about website design, we can maximize our audiences without having to rethink the wheel for every individual device.

Enter Responsive Design. Responsive design is an approach where the design and development responds to the screen size, platform and orientation of each user. Hanson has built several responsively-designed websites; the one you’re looking at is an example—go ahead and test it out on multiple devices!

Here’s a slideshow we put together for a recent “Hanson U” seminar with our colleagues to explain why we’re so excited about the future of responsive design. Take a look!

We think responsive design is inevitable and we’re ready to help clients make the change. What are your thoughts on responsive design?