SlideShare: 4 Strategies for Developing a Unified Digital Experience

The last five years have seen amazing technological growth and maturity in the digital world. Hardware and interfaces are more interconnected and people have these amazing devices in their pockets. All content that matters is now ones and zeros in the cloud. Data is moving faster than ever, people can be online every waking moment. It’s seriously incredible how richly we can connect people to brands today with technology.

Every day I come across probably 20 examples of digital marketing that are either really new and unique or a surprising twist on something I’ve seen before. Obviously, there are so many things that brands can create, but I’ve been thinking about the big picture lately, and I can’t emphasize enough that if you don’t have your digital house in order first, you really can’t be effective over the long term.

So how should brands, in 2012, present a unified digital experience to their customers? Here’s a SlideShare of four top-line strategies to address right now before getting down to the smaller stuff.

They are:

  1. Really Know Your Audience
  2. Execute Content Strategically
  3. Support all Platforms and Connect Across Visits
  4. Execute Only Cross-Channel Campaigns

Those are the bullets. Here are the details:

I hope the slides speak for themselves and make a great case for addressing your foundations of digital marketing, but I’d love to have a discussion on the finer points.

Think about it: how good is your content today (do you have a long-term plan)? How well does your website work on the iPad, Kindle Fire and smartphones? How effectively are you measuring and testing? What cross-channel experiences can you create to really engage your customers?