Internet Explorer meets Darth Vader

The Internet Explorer Saga

I’m sometimes asked, “Dave, why do web developers hate Internet Explorer?” It’s true that IE is sometimes the bane of our existence, and always the butt of our jokes. But the history of Microsoft’s browser is a Darth Vader-esque tale of hope, betrayal, and redemption.
What is a digital strategy?

What is a Digital Strategy?

Google “what is a digital strategy” and you’ll find lots of white papers full of business-speak. That’s because developing and executing a digital strategy is a complex endeavor, involving multiple teams, lots of planning, and expert guidance. But when you boil it all down, it’s a pretty simple idea: A digital strategy is a prioritized roadmap that defines what a brand will achieve, be and do in digital spaces.
Why Niche Social Networks are Good for Business

Why Niche Social Networks are Good for Business

The social web is huge, and it isn’t going away. But as social media fatigue sets in, a growing trend is emerging: some users are abandoning their larger networks in favor of smaller, interest-based social networks. Here’s why the rise of niche networks makes sense—and why they’re good for business.

SlideShare: 4 Strategies for Developing a Unified Digital Experience

The last five years have seen amazing technological growth and maturity in the digital world. Hardware and interfaces are more interconnected and people have these amazing devices in their pockets. All content that matters is now ones and zeros in the cloud. Data is moving faster than ever, people can be online every waking moment. It's seriously incredible how richly we can connect people to brands today with technology...