“Welcome to the treehouse,” said CEO Steve Hanson the day we moved into our new headquarters. Steve wasn’t the only one responding with childlike delight to our new setting. We’re now on the upper floor of a building on the edge of the woods. Long banks of windows on all four sides reveal a view from the trees that shifts with the seasons. It was lush with vines when we moved in; now, cardinals flash between snow-covered branches.

We think of our new space not as a lofty perch from which to ideate but as a place to gather and seek a broader perspective on the landscape. The same is true of our new digital space. We’ve created this blog as a place for exploration and collaboration, for asking questions and questioning answers. And there’s a lot to discuss around here.

We’ll be posting about our passions, from visual design to content strategy to the latest mobile technologies and everything in between. We’re programmers, UX architects, designers, account managers, engineers, audio producers, metrics analysts, copywriters and social strategists. We love to imagine, create and, yeah, occasionally debate.

We hope you’ll join the conversation—partly, because nobody wants to listen to themselves talk, but mostly because we’re eager to keep learning. So please stop in every week to our little platform in the trees and share your perspective on the latest discussion.

From all of us at Hanson, welcome to the Treehouse!

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