Recapping Google I/O

Google I/O was held virtually this year via live streams throughout the week of May 18th. The selection…

De-Mystifying Google Analytics Part 1: Internal Site Search

Most websites utilize some form of internal search that allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for by typing keywords into the search box. But many website owners and marketers don’t realize that this internal search data is available to them through search content reporting in Google Analytics – and that it can go a long way in helping them better serve their users.
3 Things Demographic Data Can Help You Do

3 Things Demographic Data Can Help You Do

Now that most businesses have upgraded their Google Analytics accounts to Universal Analytics and have enhanced their profiles to capture demographic data, the question is, how can this data help you?
Joel Lanciaux and Richard Carhart as seen through Hanson's Google Glass app

Through the Looking Glass: Developing Hanson’s First Glass App

My colleague Joel Lanciaux and I got the opportunity to develop Hanson’s first Google Glass app. So we thought we’d take a few minutes to talk about what we learned from the experience. What follows is a loosely-edited transcript of our conversation.
Day 1 of the Google Analytics Summit 2014

Report from the Google Analytics Summit 2014

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Hanson gets to send a team member to San Francisco every year for the annual Google Analytics Summit, and for the third year now, it’s been my pleasure to represent Hanson. This year’s summit theme is “Data In Action.” As is normally the case with the first day of the event, Google had a few notable product announcements that went public: Enhanced eCommerce and Data Import.