Tools for inspiring great social content

Tools for Writing Great Social Content

Most community managers and social content pros will admit that writing fresh and remarkable content week in and week out can be hard. Very hard. Not only does the content need to be strategic, it has to strike the right balance of length, engagement, branded but not too branded, shareable, actionable, conversational...did I leave anything out? Oh yeah…and legal, it has to get by legal, too.
Tips for improving your business writing

Write Better in 2014

One of my favorite, unintentionally-funny headlines ran years ago in the Milford (Connecticut) Citizen: Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge
A site redesign is the perfect time to revise and update your content

4 Reasons to Revise Your Content During a Redesign

Do you have dusty boxes in a closet or basement that you never unpacked last time you moved? You ran out of energy. Or you ran out of space. Maybe (gulp!) it’s been boxed up for decades and you just keep moving it with you. Now imagine that those boxes are the website content you haven’t updated in five years...
10 Ways to Start Improving Your Content

10 Ways to Start Improving Your Content Today

Can’t afford to hire a professional content strategist? Neither can you afford to continue ignoring the outdated and unhelpful content turning your site to irrelevant mush. But with a little research, you can update your content one section at a time, as hours and budget allow. So put a team of employees or volunteers together now, because here are 10 ways to start improving your content today.
Content Strategy for the Little Guy

Content Strategy for the Little Guy

Content strategy isn’t just for the big guns. Whether your site is 5 pages or 500 pages, a little attention to your content can go a long way. And small improvements over time will add up, resulting in better content and increased traffic. How? Here’s a crash course in content strategy especially for small businesses, non-profits and other internet little guys...