a note reminds you to "know your why" if you want to be competitive in digital spaces

To Be Competitive, Know Your Why

A few weeks ago we hosted a Google Partners Connect event that featured a live webcast of some of Google’s leading experts. One of the speakers pointed out that whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation, the key to being competitive in search and sales boils down to knowing the answers to three questions.
Tools for inspiring great social content

Tools for Writing Great Social Content

Most community managers and social content pros will admit that writing fresh and remarkable content week in and week out can be hard. Very hard. Not only does the content need to be strategic, it has to strike the right balance of length, engagement, branded but not too branded, shareable, actionable, conversational...did I leave anything out? Oh yeah…and legal, it has to get by legal, too.
Tips for improving your business writing

Write Better in 2014

One of my favorite, unintentionally-funny headlines ran years ago in the Milford (Connecticut) Citizen: Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge
What is a digital strategy?

What is a Digital Strategy?

Google “what is a digital strategy” and you’ll find lots of white papers full of business-speak. That’s because developing and executing a digital strategy is a complex endeavor, involving multiple teams, lots of planning, and expert guidance. But when you boil it all down, it’s a pretty simple idea: A digital strategy is a prioritized roadmap that defines what a brand will achieve, be and do in digital spaces.
Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld is public information office for the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department

Social Media in the Public Sector: An Interview with Lt. Matt Hertzfeld of the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department

Last year, Hanson partnered with the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department to develop a beautiful, responsively-designed website, along with a presence on Facebook. They’ve been tremendously successful, thanks in no small part to Lt. Matt Hertzfeld, Public Information Officer. He recently took the time to chat with us about his experience developing the department’s digital properties and some of the lessons he’s learned.