The Hanson Fitbit Challenge

It seems everyone is all about the wearables these days, and Hansonites are no exception. We’re writing about them, developing apps for them, and of course using them. We’re also a pretty social group, with a strong sense of community and a competitive bent. So it was natural that, back in the spring, we challenged a few of our local business partners to what we called the Hanson Fitbit Challenge.

Everyone had so much fun that as soon as it was over, we immediately launched a second one, with additional teams clamoring to join. So now that we’re over halfway to the finish line in this second challenge, we asked some of the participants: What keeps you motivated?

Here’s what they said:

  • “A chance to be part of a group and be in a friendly competition.”
  • “Sweating for the wedding (coming up in August).”
  • “Feeling better and being more active.”
  • “I don’t want to let my team down. And I’m trying to avoid gaining the weight I do every summer.”
  • “My teammates have really motivated me. We’ve been competing amongst ourselves!”
  • “My goal to lose 10 pounds.”
  • “It’s fun challenging others and it pushes me to continually increase my steps.”
  • “I want to kick my age in the butt!”
  • “Pushing my limits in physical activity. Now I feel guilty for not running marathons (but I’m still not going to start.)”
  • “Meeting my step goals while having fun with friends.”
  • “Staying within my fitness goals! I used to be incredible active and I wanted something to help keep me motivated to keep moving.”
  • “Keep exercise in front of my brain, get healthy and make new friends.”
  • “I lost weight! I’m eating healthier. And I get to taunt my friends.”
  • “Our team mantra: Just so we’re not last!”

Seeing that Fitbit on your wrist all day doesn’t hurt either. And another motivating factor? This leaderboard that we’re updating daily. Check in on August 17 to find out which team was the most motivated to win!

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