3 Ways Marketers Can Get More Out of LinkedIn

With more than 433 million members in over 200 countries and its recent acquisition by Microsoft for $26.2 billion, there’s no denying LinkedIn is a key platform in the social landscape. But LinkedIn has something other social networks don’t—it’s uniquely built for professionals to develop an online presence in the business world.

So how exactly can you as a marketing professional make the most of your LinkedIn profile? Here are three ways to make it work harder for you.

  1. Leverage your connections.
    Your connections on LinkedIn are only as valuable as you make them. It’s important to realize that establishing and maintaining your connections on this platform is the digital version of networking. Consistently grow your network by reviewing LinkedIn’s suggested connections a few times a week. But don’t limit connections to only people you know—think bigger by looking into figures in your industry that are great leaders or possible mentors, and reach out to current connections to help you connect with people in their networks (when it makes sense).When you connect with someone, personalize your request to make it more meaningful, and follow up after establishing a connection to advance the conversation. Ask them for advice when appropriate, or for recommendations about tools, training, or other topics that they seem to have experience with. The more you engage and personalize your relationships on LinkedIn, the greater the opportunity for potential follow up.
  2. Join groups, and follow your favorite brands.
    LinkedIn groups are informal communities formed around specific industries, niches, and professions. They’re a great opportunity to network with other professionals in your field, giving you the chance to comment on recent updates and stay on top of the latest news. What’s more, the groups you join will appear at the bottom of your LinkedIn profile, further demonstrating your interests and skill sets to position you as knowledgeable and active in your field.To search for LinkedIn groups, simply type a field or keyword in the search box to populate a list of currently existing ones you may be interested in:Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.21.18 PMIn addition, take advantage of LinkedIn company pages by following your business and favorite brands. This allows you to get the latest updates from them and learn by observation what content and tactics work best. It’s also a good source of potential content to consider sharing to your own profile.
  3. Share content.
    LinkedIn is a great platform for sharing content applicable to your role and industry in order to establish yourself as a thought leader. But don’t just share links to articles. Instead, share links you find interesting with a personal comment providing the why. This will give your connections the chance to see your perspective, which when done consistently will establish your credibility. Just don’t forget to tag the person or business whose content you are sharing to give them credit to increase your opportunity for engagement with them.

All in all, the key to a successful LinkedIn profile is simple: be active. Don’t just login occasionally—add it to your regular social mix to see just how far your business profile can go.

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