What We Know Now: Kelly Sullivan

We’ve been interviewing fellow Hansonites about what they’ve learned across their careers. Recently, we talked to Video Producer Krysta Adamczyk, VP of Experience Innovation Mike Osswald, and Director of Photography John Rerucha. Today, we’re talking to Kelly Sullivan, Project Manager.

Sally: I understand that you started at Hanson as an account manager, but you’re now a project and quality assurance (QA) manager. How did this transition happen?

Kelly: When I was an account manager, the company was much smaller. We all wore many hats and did what we could to help keep projects on track and get them completed on time. At that time, account managers managed their own projects and completed the majority of the QA/testing on all of their projects as well. So when transitioning over to quality assurance and now project management, it’s been pretty seamless. All these positions require a great deal of communication, organization, attention to detail, follow through, and working well with clients and internal teams.

Sally: Once you became more involved in the project management discipline, was there anything in particular that surprised you?

Kelly: I don’t know that there were any major surprises in project management specifically. But when I first started at Hanson (many years ago!) it was a completely different world than what I was used to. I had previously worked in human resources for a manufacturer, so entering into a fast growing interactive marketing agency (what we called ourselves at the time) was like moving to a foreign country and not speaking the language. I had so much to learn about the industry and also many new clients to become familiar with—so the learning curve was huge.

Sally: You mentioned how important attention to detail is in your field. Is this a skill you’ve adapted over time or something you’ve always had?

Kelly: I think I’ve always been pretty detailed, and I think working here has only strengthened that skill. I also think there’s a lot to be said for learning from your mistakes. Any mistake—minor or critical—usually only needs to happen once in order for you to learn and grow from that experience!

Sally: Given your experience here at Hanson and the various roles you’ve held, what kind of advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Kelly: Work hard, learn from your mistakes, and keep a positive attitude. No matter how challenging a task or assignment might be, keeping a positive attitude and looking at every experience as a growth opportunity will always provide the best possible outcome. And always try to remain flexible. In this business, and life in general, the only constant is CHANGE – so just roll with it.

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