Graphic representing Request for Proposal or Request for Partner

Request for Proposal, or Request for Partner?

As a digital agency, we’ve responded to our fair share of RFPs over the years. Some are well thought out and others… not so much. Previously, we've shared our reflections on the RFP process, offering some specific suggestions for how to make it more valuable for everyone. But another way companies can make the RFP process better is to ask themselves: are we looking for a vendor to complete a one-time job, or are we looking for a partner to provide solutions now and guidance into the future?

A Project Manager’s Principles for Effective Meetings

As a project manager, I admit I have a bit of a reputation around here. I’m known for getting people out of meetings early, earning me the nickname “Miss Bossypants.” (I’ve been assured this is an affectionate term.) Ending meetings on time seems like a basic tenet of business. But the dozens (hundreds?) of ineffective meetings we’ve all experienced in our careers indicates that it’s an acquired skill...