What Does Being a “Top Workplace” Mean to Us?

As you may have heard, Hanson was recently named to The Blade’s Top Workplaces (for the second year in a row). Because this award is based on employee surveys, we wanted to hear what being named a top workplace means to our fellow Hansonites. (Spoiler alert: a lot of us feel lucky to be part of this team!)

Here’s what some of our colleagues had to say in their own words:

  • “I feel fortunate to work at a company that was voted a 2015 Top Workplace. It is good to know that my co-workers enjoy working here as much as I do and appreciate the things this company does for all of us to keep us challenged and successful.”
  • “To me it means that Hanson is actively taking steps to make this a better place to work, and I really appreciate that. So many times employers are too busy or unaware to consider putting serious effort into improving workplace dynamics.”
  • “Hanson has always made it a priority to not just deliver an incredible product, but to create an environment that supports the team both personally and professionally. The result is evident in the work itself and in the commitment of the team. This acknowledgement is public recognition of what we already know — that Hanson is a great place to work!”
  • “People no longer get us confused for that window place [1-800-Hansons] when I say I work at ‘Hanson.’”
  • “It means being a part of a company where you look forward to going to work and truly enjoy the people you work with every day. We work hard but we laugh often.”
  • “Hanson shows an incredible commitment to its staff. Employees are chosen carefully and are treated like family. The flexibility allows for a full lifestyle outside of work and you’re just as likely to pass a friendly dog or someone’s young child in the hallway as a co-worker. Combine that with superior amenities and a desire to invest in the workplace, and it is no surprise Hanson is a top workplace in this region.”
  • “It means looking forward to coming to work each day, being challenged, getting to try new things and working with my friends.”
  • “The culture at Hanson is awesome. Very professional and hardworking group, but also lots of fun! It’s evident that Hanson values not just the work, but the whole person. Smart group. Growing company.”
  • “It means that we’re doing everything right to make work not feel like ‘working!’ Allowing us to do what we do best, and help our clients grow, without a lot of time spent on things that don’t contribute to our success.”
  • “A top workplace means to me that I have confidence in the people I work for, enjoy the people I work with, and have pride in the work we do as a company.”
  • “Working in a place that is as invested in your success as they are with the company is a refreshing change. Hanson makes you feel a valued part of the company, and not just another cog in the machine.”
  • “Being treated like a professional. To me this means being held to a high standard for doing quality work on-time, but at the same time being allowed the flexibility to fit your work life and your personal life together to achieve a balance that works for you personally.”
  • “A top workplace makes me feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work, collaborate, and learn with some of the smartest, most creative people in Toledo. Coming into an office full of endless snacks, sugary treats, and Starbucks on tap transforms Hanson into much more than an office, but a place where new ideas are formed and friends are made. The work that is created at Hanson is mind blowing and I truly believe that the culture is the reason that allows us to perform at our best. Go Hanson!”
  • “You might be at work, yet it still feels like home…”
  • “It means having a group of employees who strive for the best and then want better. A group of people who make you feel like family. Who all work hard, but know how to have fun. A place that challenges you and makes you grow in your career. A place that lets you bring your dog to work and drink limitless amounts of coffee from a Starbucks machine. An office space that at the end of the day you can walk away from and felt like you really made a difference. That’s Hanson.”