People Skills for UX 2015: Negotiation Skills — Making a Case for UX

As a User Experience Architect, I was fortunate to attend the recent People Skills for UX webinar locally sponsored in part by Hanson and hosted by Rosenfeld Media and Environments for Humans. The webinar featured specialists on topics related to improving interpersonal relationships, with user experience leaders then tying those topics into the realm of digital design. One thing that became clear through all of these presentations was how crucial people skills are to advocating for UX.
Director of User Experience Architecture Leslie Mohn

What We Know Now: Leslie Mohn

If you’ve been following our ongoing career lessons series, you know that at Hanson we like to take a few minutes from time to time to reflect on what we’re learning and look for opportunities to grow. Today, we’re talking to Director of User Experience Architecture Leslie Mohn.
photo of Josh Clark at SXSW 2014 "Mind the Gap: UI Design Between & Among Devices" Session

SXSW 2014: Designing for Every Screen, No Screen and Between Devices

Designing for our multi-device world was a big theme at SXSW 2014. According to Kerry Bodine, a panelist at the “From Every Screen to No-Screen: Next Gen Responsive” session, approximately 1.5 billion people have PCs, 1.5 billion people have smart phones, and 425 million people have tablets. So it’s no surprise that we’ve all become comfortable with the concept of responsive design for websites, ensuring that the display of our content adapts to be usable on different sized screens. But we shouldn’t get so comfortable with the concept that we stop looking at what’s next on the horizon.
People walking as a metaphor for the customer journey

Experience Mapping for 2014

Today’s multi-screen, multi-touchpoint world has fundamentally altered our lifestyles. But has it altered the methods you use to understand your customers’ experiences? It should.
list of requirements for a new client solution

7 Reasons to Define Your Solution First

When you’re creating a new website or app, it might be tempting to dream big and work out the details later. But it’s always wiser to start by defining your solution first. At Hanson, we call this Requirements Definition and Solution Design.
user experience of live events

The User Experience of Live Events

A few weeks ago, a colleague wrote about how his work as a user experience architect is filtering down into his personal life and changing the way he relates to people. His story demonstrates that UX is not just for web architects and usability testers.
Welcome to Hanson Inc in Maumee Ohio (near Toledo)

User Experience Toledo Region Event on Sept 12

Back in May, a group of us from Hanson joined other digital user experience experts, organized by our friend Keith Instone and the User Experience Toledo Region, for a great virtual conference led by Rosenfeld Media. Now a new UX event is coming in September, and we have the privilege of hosting the virtual event right here in our offices.