iPhone displaying Q2 2014 Apple stats

Apple Stats for Hanson Apps, Q2 2014

To complement the information Apple shares with developers, Hanson tracks the usage of all the iOS apps we develop in house. We report these numbers every quarter to help clients make informed decisions about the apps they’re planning, and to contribute to the conversations happening in the development community -- and our Q2 2014 stats are now in.
Apple Stats from Hanson-Developed Apps, Q1 2014

Apple Stats for Hanson Apps, Q1 2014

It’s been another three months of cranking out apps and tracking their usage (regular readers know we do this for all the apps we build, to augment the data that Apple and Android share with developers), so it’s time for another quarterly report of stats for Hanson-developed iOS apps.
iPhone displaying the most popular iOS devices as of November 2013

iOS Stats for Hanson Apps, Q3 2013

It’s time for another update of user insights from Hanson-developed iOS apps. If you’ve missed our previous reports, look up our first quarter stats and our second quarter stats. As you browse the latest numbers, keep in mind that this last quarter saw the launch of a new iPhone and iOS 7.
iOS 7 update: will my app continue to work

Will My App Work in iOS 7?

Apple. iPhone. iOS 7. Can you fit more appropriate tech buzzwords in the first three words of a post? This summer Apple shook up the mobile industry by announcing iOS 7, a “completely” redesigned version of their mobile operating system. Almost immediately our clients were asking: will my app continue to work?

iOS Stats for Hanson Apps, May through July 2013

Back in May, we launched our first quarterly report on iOS statistics for apps we’ve developed. Now as we approach the release of the new iPhone and iOS7, let’s take a look at current iOS version installations and devices across Hanson-managed properties.