Why Niche Social Networks are Good for Business

Why Niche Social Networks are Good for Business

The social web is huge, and it isn’t going away. But as social media fatigue sets in, a growing trend is emerging: some users are abandoning their larger networks in favor of smaller, interest-based social networks. Here’s why the rise of niche networks makes sense—and why they’re good for business.
5 Things Your Social Media Team Wants You to Know

5 Things Your Social Media Team Wants You to Know

Us social media guys are pretty easy-going. We get to assist clients with some of the most fun projects in the agency. And we really hate to be downers and get all Social Media 101 on you. But it’s also our job to educate people about what being social in a digital world really means—because it’s not always as obvious as it seems. So in case you’re wondering what we consider the key principles, here are 5 things you should know about social media...
A site redesign is the perfect time to revise and update your content

4 Reasons to Revise Your Content During a Redesign

Do you have dusty boxes in a closet or basement that you never unpacked last time you moved? You ran out of energy. Or you ran out of space. Maybe (gulp!) it’s been boxed up for decades and you just keep moving it with you. Now imagine that those boxes are the website content you haven’t updated in five years...
10 Ways to Start Improving Your Content

10 Ways to Start Improving Your Content Today

Can’t afford to hire a professional content strategist? Neither can you afford to continue ignoring the outdated and unhelpful content turning your site to irrelevant mush. But with a little research, you can update your content one section at a time, as hours and budget allow. So put a team of employees or volunteers together now, because here are 10 ways to start improving your content today.
Content Strategy for the Little Guy

Content Strategy for the Little Guy

Content strategy isn’t just for the big guns. Whether your site is 5 pages or 500 pages, a little attention to your content can go a long way. And small improvements over time will add up, resulting in better content and increased traffic. How? Here’s a crash course in content strategy especially for small businesses, non-profits and other internet little guys...

4 Reasons to Keep Press Releases Out of Your Company Blog

How many visits and comments does your company blog get? Is that a painful question to answer? Companies large and small have recognized the immense popularly of blogging and jumped on the bandwagon. But a tour of these brand blogs reveals that many still don’t know why to blog (other than “we should”) or how to blog (beyond the function of WordPress). Indicator number one? Their blogs are full of press releases. What’s wrong with that? Plenty. Here are four reasons to get the press releases out of your brand’s blog...
6 Reason Your Online Video Sucks and How to Improve It

6 Reasons Your Video Content Underperforms and How to Improve It

It’s no doubt that video content continues to soar in popularity for brands and marketers. It truly is one of the greatest mediums for communicating your companies products and offerings. However, all too often branded videos underperform and end up doing little of what they were intended to---provide value to current or potential customers. What follows are a few of the common issues found with branded videos online, especially ones that live on YouTube. Your video content may suck (or underperform) if it’s guilty of one or more of the following.