What is a digital strategy?

What is a Digital Strategy?

Google “what is a digital strategy” and you’ll find lots of white papers full of business-speak. That’s because developing and executing a digital strategy is a complex endeavor, involving multiple teams, lots of planning, and expert guidance. But when you boil it all down, it’s a pretty simple idea: A digital strategy is a prioritized roadmap that defines what a brand will achieve, be and do in digital spaces.
mobile friendly websites will win in 2013

Make 2013 the Year Your Brand Goes Mobile

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions for your brand? With 2013 predicted to be the year that more people access the internet via mobile devices than a PC, it’s fair to say that if your site isn’t mobile optimized yet, now is the time to do it...
Memes Community and the Evolution of Communication

Memes, Community and the Evolution of Communication

Have you seen the latest Dos Equis commercial? It quips that the most interesting man in the world “has inside jokes with complete strangers.” Beyond the inherent funniness of the concept, it made me laugh for a different reason---the enormous irony that the Dos Equis guy has become one of the most popular memes ever, and the fact that memes are, indeed, an inside joke with complete strangers...
What Being in a Band Taught Me About Marketing

What Being in a Band Taught Me About Social Media

Musicians spend countless hours and dollars crafting their music and the vast---and I mean vast---majority of them fail. The good news is that like most things in life, some of the greatest learning comes from failure. After I hung up my professional musician hat, I realized how similar the marketing life is to the musician life. Here’s what being in a band has taught me about branded social media...
6 Reason Your Online Video Sucks and How to Improve It

6 Reasons Your Video Content Underperforms and How to Improve It

It’s no doubt that video content continues to soar in popularity for brands and marketers. It truly is one of the greatest mediums for communicating your companies products and offerings. However, all too often branded videos underperform and end up doing little of what they were intended to---provide value to current or potential customers. What follows are a few of the common issues found with branded videos online, especially ones that live on YouTube. Your video content may suck (or underperform) if it’s guilty of one or more of the following.