De-Mystifying Google Analytics Part 1: Internal Site Search

Most websites utilize some form of internal search that allows users to quickly find what they’re looking for by typing keywords into the search box. But many website owners and marketers don’t realize that this internal search data is available to them through search content reporting in Google Analytics – and that it can go a long way in helping them better serve their users.

EMU Search Marketing 2014: Humanize Your Search and Social

“People don’t buy cars from buildings. They buy from people. Use social media to humanize your brand.” ---Mary Henige, Director of Social Media for General Motors. That’s just one of the main themes I took away from Eastern Michigan University’s Search Marketing Workshop on November 7: the importance of humanizing both search and social campaigns.

EMU Search Marketing 2014: Start with the Data You Have

So much has changed in my life from when I attended Eastern Michigan, a place that set me on my current path. Returning there always holds a lot of emotion and memories. That’s why being asked to speak on November 7 at The Search Marketing Workshop, a conference that has been formed there over the past four years (starting from just one class that I was lucky enough to be a part of six years ago) was a little surreal. I was honored to be considered and am always looking for a way to give back to current Eastern Michigan students.
3 Things Demographic Data Can Help You Do

3 Things Demographic Data Can Help You Do

Now that most businesses have upgraded their Google Analytics accounts to Universal Analytics and have enhanced their profiles to capture demographic data, the question is, how can this data help you?
Hanson Connection Strategist Chris Kujawski working with Google Analytics

What We Know Now: Chris Kujawski

One of Hanson’s core values is “stay curious,” an attitude of continuous learning that characterizes our employees and reflects the ever-evolving nature of our industry. To celebrate this value, we’ve been talking to various Hansonites about career lessons learned, starting first with Ben Eddings, video production specialist, and then Sue Woten-Schultz, account director. Today we’re talking to connection strategist Chris Kujawski.
Day 1 of the Google Analytics Summit 2014

Report from the Google Analytics Summit 2014

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Hanson gets to send a team member to San Francisco every year for the annual Google Analytics Summit, and for the third year now, it’s been my pleasure to represent Hanson. This year’s summit theme is “Data In Action.” As is normally the case with the first day of the event, Google had a few notable product announcements that went public: Enhanced eCommerce and Data Import.
Android stats 2014 for Hanson developed mobile apps

Android Stats for Hanson Apps, Q1 2014

Spring has finally arrived here in Northwest Ohio, and with it our latest report of Android stats based on Hanson-developed mobile apps.
With Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation, this woman has more data that she thinks she has.

Advanced Segmentation: You Have More Data Than You Think You Do

Have you recently added a great new tool to your website? Chances are good that this will bring in more visitors and increase their interaction with your site. But you don’t want to assume that it will happen just because your new feature is out there. Along with marketing the new tool, you also need to measure its success. And thanks to Google’s advanced segmentation, you can do this easily.
welcome banner at GACP Summit 2013

Report from GACP Summit 2013

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Hanson has the privilege of sending a team member to the GACP Summit every fall at Google headquarters. This year and last it’s been my pleasure to represent the agency there. Google’s theme this year is “Access. Empower. Act.” and they are striving to release new features and processes to help customers meet these goals in their workflows.