Meet a Hansonite: Matt Painter

Welcome to the next installment of our “Meet a Hansonite” blog series! In this series, you’ve been meeting Hanson employees, learning a little about their background and passions, and discovering what they like most about working at Hanson. We’ve recently gotten to know more about Account Executive Jordan Rees, Senior Front-End Developer Mike Louviere, and Administrative Associate Clare Davis. Today, we’re getting the conversation started with Matt Painter, Front-End Developer.

Sally: Matt, how long have you been at Hanson?

Matt: I started as a co-op back in 2012, and then came on full time at the start of 2015. So technically I’ve been part of the Hanson team for 6.5 years.

Sally: Describe your role here.

Matt: I’m a Front-End Developer on the “Maintenance” team. That’s a pretty open-ended title. On the maintenance team, we do a lot of front-end work and some back-end work. There’s always something different coming in that needs something fixed, added, or just updated. There’s a lot of switching between projects and technologies. It’s full of variety.

Sally: You definitely play a valuable role! What are 3 things you love the most about your job?

Matt: As noted in my last response, one would be the variety. The other would relate to the variety, but it’s more about the learning. We are always learning new things to solve the latest problem that comes our way. And probably one of the main best things is the people. It’s the people who work here that make this place the best place to be.

Sally: So what’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Matt: I’m just getting started on a ground-up site redesign. I don’t do too many of those, and it’s always a nice change of pace every so often.

Sally: Give us a glimpse of your everyday outside of the build work you do. Do you have a favorite site or blog you read regularly?

Matt: I skim through stuff on and read the occasional newsletters from Frontend Focus if something catches my eye.

Sally: What are some things you’re involved in outside of work?

Matt: I dabble a little in photography outside of work. Some say I’m a fitness nut, but those people are liars. Sure, I enjoy the occasional run or work out, but I don’t go home and eat kale chips and celery sticks like a psychopath. I also enjoy antiques and history. I can spend all day looking at old stuff and garage sales and antique stores. I love hearing the stories that are tied to the pieces.

Sally: Before working at Hanson, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Matt: Well technically speaking, I didn’t have one. I was hired right out of college after working here as a co-op while studying at the University of Toledo. Prior to that, I worked on the farm where I grew up. For 11 years prior to Hanson, my only consistent source of income was selling sweet corn. I helped on the farm year-round, doing all sorts of things, but late July into August was sweet corn season. My brother and I would get up every day and pick corn by hand to sell. You haven’t lived until you’ve had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to have your body covered in small lacerations from the razor-like leaves of the corn. Not to mention getting soaked from head to toe from the dew on the corn stalks. But don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun too. I spent a lot of time reading and playing Gameboy between customers, and it was enjoyable to just interact with the customers. Not to brag, but we had the best corn in the area. Years later we still have people ringing my parents up and knocking down their door asking if we have any corn for sale.

Sally: Here at Hanson, our core values are: Be Yourself, Own the Adventure, Stay Curious, Get Emotional, and Embrace Family. Which one do you most resonate with and why?

Matt: I’d have to lean towards Embrace Family. I grew up in a very close extended family, and still spend a lot of weekends back home with them. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Sally: If you could describe Hanson in 3 words, what would they be?

Matt: Optimistic. Ambitious. Purple.

Sally: Thanks, Matt!

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