Celebrating the Art of Video Games at TMA

It’s game time, Toledo! Many of us here at Hanson are big fans of video games – playing them and developing them. And of course we’re also big fans of The Toledo Museum of Art. So when our museum partners announced their new The Art of Video Games exhibit, we couldn’t wait to help sponsor the opening party on June 21. We asked some of the Hansonites who went to comment on the experience.

Richard Carhart, Flex Developer:

“The thing I enjoyed most was the hilariously candid and informative presentation by Toledo native and Xbox Senior Producer Holly Hirzel. It was really interesting to hear about her experiences as a game producer for one of largest video game companies in the world.”

Morgan Bayer, Senior Account Director:

“The exhibit and opening celebration was FUN! The energy and excitement was really great and the old gaming systems made me very nostalgic, going back to my days playing Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 with my brothers. I joked with some people around me about our different methods for getting the systems to start if they weren’t working. Some people licked or blew on the cartridge; I would just smack the machine and that usually worked!”

Jennifer Molnar, Messaging Strategist:

“My favorite part was seeing the Museum so full of families and people of all ages. The activities outside on the Terrace were a great addition and gave the party a festival vibe.”

Mike Osswald, VP for Experience Innovation:

“My family really enjoyed the exhibit – and of course it was fun to see my old games in a museum with my kids! Understanding the full nature of the art requires watching the many prepared videos that demonstrate the progression of experiences over time. That creativity, demonstrated in both graphics and game mechanics from the designers – it was largely born from the technological constraints of each platform. That’s really cool to me, because with what I do, there are always constraints, we’re always trying to balance really innovative solutions with the realities of the situation.” 

A good time was had by all. But don’t worry if you missed the party – the museum has scheduled lots of other fun events related to the exhibit, which runs through September 28. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!