Android Stats for Hanson Apps, Q4 2014

Are you ready for another round of guessing how many Android devices are in use?  We’re back with our quarterly statistics as we continue to develop new apps and test the latest devices.

Here’s a comparison of Android devices used to access Hanson-developed apps during Q3 and Q4 of 2014. Of the 102 devices we’ve logged (of thousands on the market), Samsung Galaxy devices are clearly in the lead. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has the highest percentage of use at 14.3%.


And here is how the popularity of Android versions has shifted from the third quarter (July-Sept 2014) to the fourth (Oct- Dec 2014):


As you can see, version 4.4 continues to gain popularity at 83.9% for Q4.

Check back next month for a new report on Apple statistics, or view our latest in the meantime.