10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hanson

You already know that we design mobile apps, websites and kiosks. We produce videos. We stage multimedia events. We do all kinds of cool, digital-type stuff. But we bet there are a lot of things you don’t know about us. (And yeah, it’s keeping you up at night, right?)

In case you were wondering (or you’re just bored at work), here are a few fun facts about Hanson Inc.

1. Our industrial-chic offices feature original graffiti by Detroit artist Shades.

2. We’re 1 of only 53 Google Analytics Certified Partners in the U.S.

3. We have a pet-friendly office. Very pet friendly. In fact, some of these dogs are here so often they probably qualify for vacation time.

4. Our President and CEO (Steve) studied photojournalism at Bowling Green State University, and our COO (Jenny) was an art history major at the University of Toledo.

5. Despite what our Facebook photos indicate, we do a lot more around here than eat…

6. …we also drink. We go through 20 pounds of Starbucks beans every week, not to mention 2-3 cases of Red Bull.

7. We have a fully-equipped quality assurance lab with a broad range of devices for testing.

8. Everyone on the Strategy & Experience team can do a passable impersonation of our VP (Mike).

9. Less than 10% of our staff were born before 1970.

10. Steve has been known to check in with team members by riding from cubicle to cubicle on his Segway.

So that’s a few things about the Hanson family you probably didn’t know. Stop by sometime and we’ll give you a personal tour!

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