10 More Things You Didn’t Know About Hanson

A few weeks ago we decided to give our readers a glimpse into the secret sauce of Hanson culture. Apparently you were so bored at work that you actually read our post. Which was maybe not so smart, since that inspired us to write another one. So without further ado, here are ten more things you didn’t know (and didn’t want to?) about Hanson Inc.

1. In our most recent pepper-eating contest (featuring the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T), Engineering bested Strategy by just half a point.

2. In his photojournalism days, our fearless leader (Steve) traveled with Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan.

3. We drink more Coke Zero than any other pop in the office. (And yes, we’re in the Midwest, so it’s “pop,” not “soda.”)

4. We started as a video production company, and have been in operation (and privately held) for 21 years.

5. In those 21 years, we’ve moved our offices no less than 5 times.

6. Ten percent of our staff prefer country music. (Ninety percent prefer to make fun of the other ten.)

7. We get paid to think and create. So we have a lot of passionate discussions about important stuff like mobile-first design, Apple vs. Android, and the true definition of “candy bar.”

8. Our VP for Experience Innovation (Mike) is building a two-story treehouse in his backyard, complete with windows, wood stove and wi-fi. (He says it’s for his kids, but nobody believes him.)

9. One of the top keywords driving traffic to our website is the name of our creative director, Erik. (Keep up the Googling, Erik’s mom!)

10. In the last six months, our team has traveled to Beirut; Dubai; Los Angeles; Denver; Orlando; Phoenix; Minneapolis; Austin; Dallas; New York City; Mountain View, CA; Eau Claire, WI; Louisville, KY; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; and Columbus, OH.

Want to join the fun? Do some business with us, join our team or just follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We promise to make you feel part of the family.

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