YuleTithe App Users Pledged $3K to Charity

When the Hanson team set out to create our 2013 holiday card, we wanted to do something that reflects what we do best and what matters to us most. The result was YuleTithe, a responsively designed web app that anyone could use to spread holiday cheer to the people, and causes, they care about.

Here’s how it worked. Users set a percentage of their holiday spending that they planned to donate to charity. Then they created lists of gifts to purchase, and the site calculated the dollar amount they were pledging to give. So it was easy to plan gift budgets and charitable donations at the same time.

We launched the site in mid November, and during the next five or so weeks of the gift buying season, over 50 people used YuleTithe to track nearly 300 gifts. We were a bit surprised to discover that every user chose a different charity, representing a range of causes from local children’s homes and churches to medical research, animal shelters and public radio. But what was most exciting is that those 50+ people pledged a total of almost $3,000 to these charities!

If you were one of those users, consider this our thank you for joining us in putting our wallets where our mouths are. We hope to add some fun new features to the site over the coming year, so plan on using it again next holiday season!