Yet Another 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hanson

Let’s say you’re interested in working at Hanson or hiring us to build your new iPad app, but you want to know more about us before getting in touch. And let’s say that for the sake of time, you’d like us to sum up our culture with a quick List ‘o Facts. And let’s further say that you’ve already found our 10 Things and 10 More Things, and still you want to know more.

Well, you’re in luck, because it’s time for yet another round of 10 things you didn’t know about Hanson.

1. Every summer, we mentor a small crowd of college interns on the ins and outs of agency process, career advancement, and how to meet the MOAD (Mother Of All Dogs) challenge at Tony Packo’s.

2. Our president and CEO, Steve, gave the commencement address last year at his alma mater, Bowling Green State University.

3. Hansonites represent the agency in a number of professional organizations, including AIGA Toledo, Project Management Institute, Advertising Club of Toledo, Toledo Web Professionals, Toledo Region User Experience, Start-up Toledo, Toledo iOS Developers, and Seed Coworking.

4. Ongoing internal HansonU events allow our subject matter experts to share out to the broader team new developments in their respective disciplines. And to get some helpful experience dealing with hecklers.

5. We work hard not just for our clients, but with them, so when our joint project teams get recognized with an ADDY or an Internet Advertising Competition Award or are featured in a design publication, it’s a pretty great bonding experience.

6. Some of our most impressive work is in proprietary corporate intranets and enterprise apps. We’d show you, but then we’d have to…you know. So browse some of our other great projects instead.

7. Year-long trash-talking rights make our annual employee cornhole tournament highly competitive. The cash prize doesn’t hurt either.

8. Our VP for Experience Innovation, Mike, spoke at TEDxToledo last week; two years ago he spoke at TEDxBGSU. It’s a good thing his name isn’t Ted, or that would have made the previous sentence really awkward.

9. Every quarter, we post statistics from Hanson-developed apps for those interested in following the adoption rates of iOS and Android versions and devices.

10. Our director of new business development, Craig, once figure-skated in a blue and yellow sequined sailor suit. We’d show you the pic to prove it, but it seems someone conveniently “lost” it.

That’s enough for now. To learn more about Hanson, arrange a visit. Craig will gladly give you a tour (and we’ll make him leave the sequins at home).

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