a note reminds you to "know your why" if you want to be competitive in digital spaces

To Be Competitive, Know Your Why

A few weeks ago we hosted a Google Partners Connect event that featured a live webcast of some of Google’s leading experts. One of the speakers pointed out that whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation, the key to being competitive in search and sales boils down to knowing the answers to three questions.
10 Ways to Start Improving Your Content

10 Ways to Start Improving Your Content Today

Can’t afford to hire a professional content strategist? Neither can you afford to continue ignoring the outdated and unhelpful content turning your site to irrelevant mush. But with a little research, you can update your content one section at a time, as hours and budget allow. So put a team of employees or volunteers together now, because here are 10 ways to start improving your content today.
Content Strategy for the Little Guy

Content Strategy for the Little Guy

Content strategy isn’t just for the big guns. Whether your site is 5 pages or 500 pages, a little attention to your content can go a long way. And small improvements over time will add up, resulting in better content and increased traffic. How? Here’s a crash course in content strategy especially for small businesses, non-profits and other internet little guys...