a note reminds you to "know your why" if you want to be competitive in digital spaces

To Be Competitive, Know Your Why

A few weeks ago we hosted a Google Partners Connect event that featured a live webcast of some of Google’s leading experts. One of the speakers pointed out that whether you’re a small business or a huge corporation, the key to being competitive in search and sales boils down to knowing the answers to three questions.
Graphic representing Request for Proposal or Request for Partner

Request for Proposal, or Request for Partner?

As a digital agency, we’ve responded to our fair share of RFPs over the years. Some are well thought out and others… not so much. Previously, we've shared our reflections on the RFP process, offering some specific suggestions for how to make it more valuable for everyone. But another way companies can make the RFP process better is to ask themselves: are we looking for a vendor to complete a one-time job, or are we looking for a partner to provide solutions now and guidance into the future?
Photo by Jenny Jacob taken at the SXSW 2014 session on Workplace Redesign

SXSW 2014: Redesigning the Workplace for Talent Development

The size and scope of SXSW has become enormous. But one session I found extremely thought-provoking this year was “Workplace Redesign: The Big Shift from Efficiency,” presented by John Hagel, Chairman of Deloitte Center for the Edge. Recognizing that talent is central to business success, this session explored how companies need to go beyond attracting and retaining talent and focus more on talent development.
web service depicted by gears in a cloud

Why You Need a Web Service

Give a man a spreadsheet, and he’ll have data for a day. But build a man a web service, and he’ll have data to feed all of his current and future applications.
The evolution of web hosting

The Evolution of Web Hosting

Hanson often provides hosting recommendations, solutions and services to our clients. Like most technologies we deal with, this is a rapidly evolving part of web development. The hosting options available today would appear alien to developers and system engineers from only a few years ago. So for those interested in a little technology time travel, I present: the evolution of web hosting.

Intranet Governance: Intranet Best Practices, Part 4

Thanks to all of you who have been following along this four part series on best practices in intranets. Now in this final installment, it’s time to talk about how to manage it all: intranet governance.
Intranet Best Practices

On Collaboration and Recognition: Intranet Best Practices, Part 3

In part one of this blog series, we established how intranets standardize work processes and connect employees to others who can help them do their jobs. In part two, we looked at some of the best search, personalization, communications, training and support features of effective intranets. Yet another prime feature of great intranets is the opportunity for collaboration and recognition.
Intranet Best Practices

Features of the Best Intranets: Intranet Best Practices, Part 2

Intranets exist to help standardize work processes and connect people to others who can help them succeed. In part one of this series, we noted that all the content and features of your intranet must deliver business and strategic value. In today’s post, we look specifically at some features found in the best intranets.