Hansonites pursue multiple forms of on-the-job training

School’s in Session: Keeping up with Digital

How do you keep up with the Joneses in the digital age? As a new intern at Hanson and a college student, every day I learn something new. However, you can’t stay in college forever, so once you’re on the job you have to find other ways to keep learning. This is especially crucial for those with jobs in the digital world because technology is constantly changing. I interviewed several of my colleagues to find out how Hanson employees stay sharp.
Coming Clean on the Creative Process: Some Unproductive Habits are Anything But

Coming Clean on the Creative Process

Some “unproductive” habits might be anything but. I have a habit of standing too long in the shower. Done washing, just standing there, zoned out. Mind blank. Accomplishing nothing. Not only am I wasting water, I’m making myself late for work. It’s a bad habit. Or is it? Turns out, it’s just one of the quirky (and seemingly unproductive) habits that might actually help my performance at work...