Apple Wearable and Other 2014 Predictions

Tue, May 13, 2014

With the “Internet of Things” and physical computing becoming more popular, there’s been speculation that Apple will soon join the “wearable wars” and create an Apple wearable device. We’re always up for a little friendly competition here (such as our infamous cornhole tournament and chili cook off), so recently we polled Hansonites on their predictions for Apple developments. What do we expect to happen this year?

If we were the betting sort, the majority of Hansonites (86%) would put their money on the Apple Wearable hitting shelves this year.

Ok, but when? 73% of us predict the Apple wearable will be released in September or October.

And someone needs to start rethinking jeans pockets because nearly all Hansonites surveyed also anticipate the new iPhone getting even bigger. (What’s with women’s pockets being so small anyway?)

Of those that think the iPhone will be larger, all but 4 of us predict there will be two versions of the phone, each with a different screen size.

Who knows for sure what new tech the year will bring? We’ve got our ideas; what do you think?