Consumers purchase more than just iPhones. In fact, Google’s Android platform has a larger market share than Apple’s iOS. If your business is contemplating building a multi-platform app – or simply deciding what version of the Android OS to build for – you need some key metrics to help you make the best decisions.

Google has been able to saturate the market by opening up its operating system to many devices. This has caused the platform to grow, and has also created a market that has many devices with different screen sizes, hardware, and versions of the operating system. Supporting a version of the Android OS that is just two years old may increase the cost of your project by 20% or more – but it may also increase the potential market share of your app by over 40%.

We recently published our stats on Hanson-developed iOS apps, and now we’re ready to offer similar insights into our Android app development. While we also review Google’s published statistics, taking a look at our own gives us direct insight into the markets we develop for. You might find them helpful too.

Compare the versions used in June with those used last December:

And here are the most popular devices used as of June 2013:


Like our iOS stats, we’ll be sharing out our Android stats on a quarterly basis, so watch for a further update in October.

Fellow developers: how does this compare to the numbers you’re seeing for your apps?