list of requirements for a new client solution

7 Reasons to Define Your Solution First

When you’re creating a new website or app, it might be tempting to dream big and work out the details later. But it’s always wiser to start by defining your solution first. At Hanson, we call this Requirements Definition and Solution Design.
train switch tracks as a metaphor for how ux lessons can change your life

How UX is Changing My Personal Life

“User experience is a process of discovery, vision definition, strategy, planning, execution, measurement and iteration. It requires flexibility, and a willingness to be wrong until you are right.” ---Robert Hoekman Jr., in Smashing Magazine
tips for conducting user testing

Tips for Conducting User Testing

If you’ve been following this series, you already know why user testing is important to any digital project. And you’re familiar with a range of testing methods that help you gain insights into user preferences and measure user behaviors. Now the final element of your testing plan is to decide how you’re going to conduct your user testing.
choosing the right types of user testing

Choosing the Right Type of User Testing

Last week we launched an intro to user testing: why to do it, and why it should be an ongoing process of improvement. Now it’s time to get more specific about the types of user testing and how to select the best ones to meet your objectives, budget and timeline.
image of person user testing a website or application

Intro to User Testing

Let’s say that one of the key performance indicators you’re tracking on your site is the number of requests for literature. But the numbers seem surprisingly low. How can you find out why? Do some user testing.