choosing the right types of user testing

Choosing the Right Type of User Testing

Last week we launched an intro to user testing: why to do it, and why it should be an ongoing process of improvement. Now it’s time to get more specific about the types of user testing and how to select the best ones to meet your objectives, budget and timeline.

When Good Forms Go Bad: Improving Your Online Forms

Do you hate filling out online forms? Most web users do. Forms are critical to companies collecting our personal information so they can “convert” us into something---a new lead, a direct sale, a happy existing customer, a new employee. That’s why forms matter, and why they won’t be going away anytime soon. But do forms have to alienate the end user?
Websites & Trail Races: It's All About the Navigation

Websites and Trail Races: It’s All About the Navigation

There is nothing to fear except fear itself. And also getting lost in the woods overnight. My husband and I are both runners. Yet I had long hesitated to run a trail race for one reason: my fear of getting hopelessly lost in the woods. Last summer my husband coaxed me into a series of XTERRA trail races. But as the date of our first race approached, I became almost panic stricken that I would never find my way out of the trees.