What’s better than checking in to a location on your smartphone? Learning something cool about the place you’re standing. That’s the purpose of a mobile app Hanson developed to support the AIGA Toledo and The Arts Commission public arts project known as “You Are Here Toledo.” One hundred 3-foot-wide dots representing 100 area artists were installed around the city to highlight unique landmarks. App users collected the dots (and competed for limited-edition, screen-printed posters of the project) by scanning the QR code on each one to learn more about the location and the artist. Over 830 iOS and Android apps were downloaded in the first four months of the project, including nearly 140 on the day of the launch party, with over 8,500 dots scanned and viewed. Which just goes to prove: Toledoans love their art—and their mobile phones—almost as much as they love their city.

The website and mobile app subsequently were named Outstanding Achievement in HOW Magazine’s International Design Award Annual Issue.

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